Wordpress Integration

You have a Wordpress (or Joomla, or Drupal) website. You want to secure sections of it. Say hello to Member Guardian, your new best friend.

Let's Talk About Wordpress for a Minute

Great program right? Great for blogging and creating websites. But there isn't much there in terms of membership plugins. Sure, they exist, but are they any good?

What you really need is third-party software the integrates with Wordpress to manage your memberships and control who has access to your website's content. That's where Member Guardian comes in.

Permalink Security

Member Guardian allows you to secure permalinks without the need for a Wordpress plugin. The permalinks can be individual pages or entire categories. All of this is handled directly from the Member Guardian admin control panel:

The process is so simple:

  1. Activate the Wordpress module,
  2. Add one line of code to your Wordpress index.php file,
  3. Select the permalinks that you want to secure from your Member Guardian admin control panel

Levels of Membership

The best part of this whole system is that it allows you establish "levels" of membership (think "free" vs "gold" vs "premium"). That allows you to section off permalinks based on what user group a member has access to. So perhaps you want "Free" users to be able to access one category, and "Premium" users to access another? Not a problem with the permalink security system that is built-into Member Guardian.

Sell Access to Your Wordpress Site

But what's the point if you can't monetize content, right? Exactly! That's why Member Guardian allows you to sell access to various user groups through registration forms or shopping cart products. You set the pricing for as many different purchasing options as you wish, and Member Guardian's payment gateway integration handles the payments. You can even charge for recurring "subscription-based" access to content, allowing Member Guardian to remove access to any subscription that lapses.

Synchronized Logins and Accounts

But Member Guardian doesn't stop there. We take it a step further by synchronizing logins and accounts between the two pieces of software. That means when someone logs into their Member Guardian account, our software will create an account for them in Wordpress and automatically log them into it. If the user already has an account in Wordpress, the program will synchronize it with Member Guardian.

Integrated Look and Feel

The cherry on top of all of this? Member Guardian's template system will also allow you to integrate your Wordpress layout with the system. That means that your login forms, registration forms, and any other page generated by Member Guardian will look like the rest of your website.

Maybe you're an HTML/CSS guru and want to place forms directly on your existing website? Not a problem! Member Guardian allows you to easily create custom login and registration forms.

Want to See an Example?

Not a problem! Click here for access to a sample Wordpress website that we've created. We've secured the permalinks in the following fashion:

Here are some sample accounts you can use to test the various levels. Just log into the one that has access to the content you want to see:

  • Username: testuser1 | Password: test1 | User Group Access: Free Membership
    • This user can access "Pete Sampras" and "Comedy", but not "Joe Sakic"
  • Username: testuser2 | Password: test2 | User Group Access: Premium Membership
    • This user can access all of the above content.