Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is one of the most versatile features of the program. Not only does it integrate with the registration system to make charging users for accounts simple, but it can function as a stand-along shopping cart capable of complex product dependencies, physical product shipping, tax, and coupon codes.

General Features

Customize the look and feel through the template system.
Establish shipping rates as well as complex shipping rules based criteria such as weight, quantity of an item in the user's cart, and more!
Establish tax classes based on region and product purchased.
Customizable e-mail receipts and one-click re-sending.
Detailed sales logs, statistics, and management tools.
Unlimited cart categories and products.
Grants instant access to any digital content after purchase. If a member is registered, it will add this content directly to their account. If a user isn't registered, you can elect to auto-create an account for them, of have them register before or during their purchase.
Process orders in one of 9 currencies.
Establish cart terms and conditions that must be agreed to before a user can make a purchase.
Invoicing system that can be used along-side the credit card system.


Create unlimited products.
Create single-purchase, subscription, and trial products.
Handles physical and digital products.
Create product packages that can add multiple products into a user's cart with one click.
Option to establish volume discount tiers for each product.
Create dependencies for products, such as requiring that the user submit information like size or color when a product is purchased.
"Attribute" products to other products, making them available for addition into the shopping cart when the primary product is added to the cart.
Upload product pictures and thumbnails.

Coupon Codes

Create unlimited coupon codes.
Take a percent or fixed-dollar rate off an order.
Option to limit coupon codes to registered members only.
Limit max usages of a code by total usages or total usages per user.
Limit coupon codes to specific products.
Set effective date ranges during which a code can be used.
Establish the number of times to retry a card before canceling a subscription.

Automated Subscriptions

Automate the renewal of subscriptions.
Automated emails to inform members of expiring credit cards.
Automated notices of failed renewal attempts.
Automate reminder e-mails before a member expires.
Automated e-mail receipts for subscription renewals.

Multi-tier Affiliate Program

Allow users to enroll for free or for a fixed price.
Set the payout rate as well as an initial payout rate up to a specific dollar amount (example: 10% payout up to $200 in commissions, then 15% payout).
Establish minimums before money is sent.
Mutli-tier payouts available with custom rates and settings.
Set general settings and/or settings for individual members.
Send payments by check or paypal.
Allow users to "tag" links for easier tracking which referral links work best.