Member Management

Overview of Features

What does 10 years of membership management experience get you? Primarily a program that is user-friendly, easy to learn, and that practically manages itself once it is set up. And for the times when you need to intervene to manually adjust something? It makes that easy as well.

General Management Features

Web-based control panel that can be accessed from anywhere with a internet connection!
Manage all aspects of the program directly from the control panel: members, subscriptions, sales, affiliates, options, templates, etc.
Elegant and logically laid-out control panel design.
Highly accurate criteria-based advanced searching that can search any custom field in the database.
Secure content across multiple domains1.
Unlimited employees with unique permissions. Even control exactly which features each employee can use!
For the coders out there: ability run custom PHP code when specific tasks are triggered. This make integrating our software with custom WebApps a breeze!
Import and export members, sales, subscriptions, and more.
Create a public directory of your members, even allowing users to search the directory.

Member Control Panel

Automatically centralize and make accessing all secure content easy.
Allow members to update their account: you select the fields they can update! Even establish "regular updates" to force a user to update his/her account after a period of inactivity.
Alerts system allows you to post alerts to one of more member account.
Billing history for each member.
Subscription management allow members to one-click cancel/restart subscriptions.
Affiliate program management and statistics.

Secure Content & Control Access

Secure entire folders on your site and sell access to each when a user registers or through the shopping cart.
Unique "Scheduled Expiration" system allows access to specific content to expire without the entire account expiring.
Don't want to automate security by securing entire directories? No problem! You can secure individual pages as well.

Login System

Password abuse detection, anit-brute-force attack prevention, and concurrent login detection.
Encrypted passwords in the database for better security.
Create targeted login announcements.
Optional "remember me" feature at login.
Detailed login statistics and information on all user sessions.
One-click login and registration using Facebook Connect and/or Google OpenID.
Automated lost password recovery system.
Option to require account updates at regular intervals.
Run modules at login for integration with third-party products.
Anti-brute force attack technology.

Registration System

Unlimited forms with custom fields.
Create complex multi-page registration forms.
Charge for registration using custom products or allow for free registration.
Option to use a CAPTCHA during registration to prevent spam.
Option to prevent duplicate e-mail addresses to prevent spam.
Unlimited custom fields.
No coding required! The program will generate all forms automatically.
Select the status of new accounts: Instant activation, pending e-mail confirmation, or require admin approval.
Create "restricted" registration forms that require a custom-issued code to access.
Option to use e-mail as username.

Other Features

Written in PHP with a MySQL backend.
Ability to display user information anywhere on your website.
Automated backups.
Unencrypted source code for easier updating and full control.

1. In order to secure content across multiple domains, all of the domains will need to be located on the same server.