Email Communications

General Features

Send in HTML or plain-text.
Outbox keeps track all sent e-mails
Send mass e-mails in custom batches, allowing you to avoid hourly e-mail caps. Even integrates with Mailgun for users wanting to bypass limits altogether.
Add multiple attachments to any outgoing e-mail.
Opt-out option for users.
View e-mail history for each member.
Track when a member has opened an e-mail.
Establish custom e-mails that are sent out when specific tasks are triggered.

Targeted Mass E-Mails

Mass e-mail all members.
Mass e-mail specific user groups.
Mass e-mail members that match any custom fields in the database, such as city or state.


Create unlimited newsletters.
Track subscribers from the admin control panel.
Allow members to manually subscribe/unsubscribe from newsletters.
Option to sell access to newsletters through shopping cart products.

Autoresponders & Followup Campaigns

Send e-mails before a member expires, after they expire, after they join, or even on an exact date.
Establish custom timeframes for all outgoing e-mails.
Over 40 preset templates, like "registration complete", "purchase receipts", and more!